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Backpage Classifieds Advertisement

What are the best backpage alternative websites since 2018 in Australia

Backpage (backpage.com) was a very popular free classified advertisement posting website in the United States.

where people were posting different type of ads such as real estate, buy/sell/trade, services, jobs, adult services, escort ads etc. By the end of 2011 2012 , backpage website became the second largest free classified advertisement posting website in the United States. The simple advertisement posting process and user friendly interface made this website very popular among the users from all over the world especially from the United States of America, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, US Government shut down backpage website in the early April 2018 for SESTA/FOSTA legislation & allegation of sex trafficking advertisements in its adult section. Because of that, the users of backpage website were no longer able to post their free classified advertisements in this most popular classified website. To continue advertising for promoting their businesses and services on the web, backpage users were forced to look for alternative websites. Among all of these backpage alternative websites or similar to backpage websites, only handful of backpage replacement websites out there that are actually delivering success to the advertisement posters. To name a few sites like backpage classifieds or alternative to backpage website would be: Craigslist, GumTree, Cracker , Cracker Classifieds , Backpage Classifieds etc. Most of these backpage alternative websites will allow you to post your classified advertisements for free in different categories and subcategories but due to the US laws, only few backpage replacement websites are still offering adult section! Adult services and dating services were the most popular section of backpage classifieds and people were mainly using backpage for its adult services section and dating services section. In order to be the best backpage alternative websites in 2018-2021, it must have to have adult services & dating services section similar to backpage classifieds. If you research a bit in the internet, you will find the true backpage replacement and the best backpage alternative website since 2018 is actually Backpage classifieds because of its easy to use interface and simple advertisement posting process just like backpage.com. Backpage free classified website looks and appears exactly like the old backpage.com classified website and the process of posting advertisements & finding local offers are very similar to the backpage classified website. Unlike other similar to backpage websites, Backpage has a very healthy adult services section and dating services section and all of these reasons are making Backpage classified the best backpage alternative website since 2018 in Australia . All states and cities of Australia already cater for thousands of personal advertising with Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, ACT ,South Australia and NSW all showing advertisements in their local cities. Brisbane, Perth , Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Cairns and Darwin being the most popular cities for Escorts to advertise.

Backpage is considered as the best alternative to backpage classifieds

After the shutdown of most popular US classified website backpage.com, Backpage launched to replace backpage classified website. Within days, the backpage replacement website Backpage became very popular throughout the backpage community. Thousands of backpage users started to use this number one backpage replacement website, Backpage classifieds to post free advertisements. Backpage Classifieds brought the backpage community back online by allowing them to post free classified ads again in multiple categories & cities just like the original backpage website. Similar to backpage classifieds, people can post and publish their free classified advertisements in a matter of seconds in this new backpage alternative website: Backpage classifieds. Backpage classifieds has all the categories and subcategories that you were seeing in the backpage.com website. Because of getting lots of traffic and real advertisement posters similar to backpage website, Backpage has established itself as the number one backpage alternative website from 2018-2021 and the users consider Backpage as the new backpage replacement website where anyone can successfully promote their businesses and services for free.

People love to use Backpage (as a backpage alternative) classifieds

People from all over the world and particularly Australia were using the backpage classified website to post different type of ads such as real estate listing, job advertisements, property for buy/sale etc. But the most popular sections of backpage classifieds were adult services and dating services and people were mainly visiting backpage to find adult services or dating services related offers. Similar to backpage classifieds, people are mainly using Backpage classifieds to find local dating services or adult services related advertisements. Backpage is allowing the backpage users to post different type of adult services ads such as female escorts advertisements, body rubs ads, male escorts, transsexual ads, strippers and strip clubs, adult jobs and many more. If you are an independent female escort trying to promote your services online, then Backpage is the best place where you will have most attention from the backpage and Cracker users who are trying to find a beautiful female escort to fulfill their sexual needs. The escort companies and establishments are also using Backpage classifieds to list their escort advertisements to get clients for their escort service providers. Body rubs shops and massage parlours are finding Backpage very useful to reach thousands of people and potential customers for their body rubs shops by posting ads in Backpage body rubs section. Instead of publishing body rub services in local newspaper, Backpage is a cheaper and effective way to promote body rubs related services in the local neighborhood. Both independent body rub providers and body rub shop owners from all over the world are using Backpage classifieds and successfully promoting their businesses and services. It's always hard to find good strippers , and good Adult Entertainment Clubs in your local area, but with Backpage, you can easily locate well trained strippers near you and strip clubs located nearby. Both strippers and Adult Entertainment Club owners are advertising their services in Backpage classifieds in a regular basis. Not only female escorts are advertising in Backpage, male escorts are also posting advertisements in the Backpage's male escorts section to find potential clients. As a woman, you can now fulfill your sexual desires and gain total satisfaction by hiring a well-trained handsome male escorts service provider from Backpage website. Except these, all other type of adult services related ads are being posted in a regular basis in the real backpage alternative website, Backpage classifieds so that as a visitor of Backpage you can find any type of adult services from the list of advertisements showing in Backpage and Cracker classifieds.

Backpage dating services section was also very popular place to find local soul mate and casual encounter until 2018. Similar to backpage classifieds, Backpage dating services is gaining popularity daily and more backpage users are showing interests in Backpage dating services section. If you are woman and looking for a man who can be your true soul mate, then you will find lots of advertisements in Backpage women seeking men section. Similarly, as a man you can locate your local date partner in Backpage men seeking women section. Backpage dating services section also offering casual dating services for women seeking women and men seeking men. In the Backpage classified there is also a dating option for the transgender community. To honor the backpage transgender users, Backpage is also offering dating services for the transsexual and bisexual people so that they can find their local transgender date mate easily in Backpage transsexual (TS) dating section.

How can I get started with Backpage classifieds for free?

As an advertisement poster, you need to create a free Backpage account first using your email address and phone number to verify your Backpage account. To verify your Backpage account, enter the one time pin code on the confirmation link sent by Backpage classified website. As soon as you confirm & verify your Backpage account, you are ready to start posting your Free classified advertisements for in this backpage replacement website: Backpage classifieds. First select a country then city where you want to advertise your services, then select a category and sub-category of services you are offering. Now you will need to write a good title and description by describing the services you are offering. Try to provide as much info as possible regarding the services you are offering such as the exact location, price per hour, phone number, email address, contact location etc so the viewers are attracted to your services or item . Now hit the publish button and your classified advertisement is posted right away in the Backpage classified website.

As a visitor of backpage replacement website Backpage classifieds, creating an account is not mandatory. All you have to do is to select a location where you want to find the services you are looking for and then select a category and subcategory. You will be then shown a list of advertisements posted for your local neighborhood regarding the services you have been looking for. All these ads on Backpage classifieds go through regular moderation so that you don't see any fake or spam ads, only real providers are allowed to advertise in this backpage alternative website : Backpage classifieds. Now, find the best offer that suits you and contact the service provider by calling the phone number given in the advertisement page or simply send an email to the ad poster. Most of the Backpage users will reply to your inquiry within minutes if not hours and if the pricing and other details seems reasonable to you then you can go ahead and render the services you have been looking for.

Can I use Backpage classifieds as an alternative to craigslist personals?

In short, yes you can use Backpage classifieds as an alternative to craigslist personals because Backpage classified is providing the same services and options that you were finding in the craigslist personals classified.

For years, craigslist classified website was the best choice for adult advertising. The craigslist personals section far outpaced all other sites for getting escorts and adult service providers, calls and new clients. In 2011 craigslist shut down its adult service section, at one point even branding it "censored". This led to the rise of backpage.com as the world's number one place to advertise adult services, dating services, escort services etc. Now that craigslist no longer has an adult section, Backpage has become the next best thing as a similar to craigslist personal section. With craigslist personals section taken offline further grew Backpage in popularity, and the traffic from both advertisers and clients continues to grow. Craigslist was hosted and run in the US, making them vulnerable to US Laws, and this is why craigslist closed its personal section, leaving Backpage and Cracker the new craigslist personal section alternative advertisers went to.

If you have been advertising on craigslist personal section in the past, you can easily get adopted with Backpage website and publish your ads smoothly in the Backpage classified website. You will find the advertising process of Backpage classified is very much similar to craigslist personals and your advertisements will get similar attention from the people all over the world who have been using craigslist personal section to find adult services, escort services, body rubs etc. Just like the advertisement posters in craigslist personals section, as a visitor of craigslist personal section you will find similar ads are now being posted in the Backpage personals. Lots of users from the craigslist personal section already moved to Backpage personals and the number is growing daily. This is why if you were searching for the craigslist personal advertisements like adult services, dating services, craigslist escorts near you, body rubs nearby then you will find them posted here in Backpage personals. In short, you can use the Backpage classifieds as an alternative to craigslist personals to promote your businesses or services on the web just like you have been doing in the craigslist personals before it shutdown.

Is it safe to use Backpage classifieds & what are the down sides of Backpage classifieds?

No escort service provider or sex worker wants to be arrested, especially when they believe what they are doing is not wrong, and Backpage agrees. Therefore, Backpage is committed to protect their customers, and will only release information to police when it is believed legitimate sex trafficking and human slavery possibly is occurring, or anything involving underage victims of sexual abuse. Strong endorsements from many in the adult industry have helped prove Backpage's worth and trustworthiness. You have nothing to worry about when using Backpage if you are not involved in any illegal activities such as sexual abuse, underage prostitution, sex trafficking, human slavery etc. Backpage is committed to protect its users from getting into trouble and because of that, Backpage encrypt all of its users' data in secure servers located in the Australia . When you visit Backpage or make a post in Backpage classified, you can be sure that your data and communication records are totally encrypted so that no one can actually read or intercept it anyway. Because of providing highest security and safety to our users, Backpage is trusted by the people all over the world as the best backpage alternative website since 2018.